Jobaa performs an acoustic version of his “Olla” single (LIVE)

Jobaa - “Olla” cover

Jobaa (Aina Oluwajoba Emmanuel) is a rising artist from Lagos, Nigeria. Not too long ago, he performed an acoustic version of his “Olla” single exclusively via our Bong At Home video series.

Jobaa– “Olla” Bong Mines At Home series

As a credible source for new music discovery, we take great pride in highlighting tomorrow’s most promising stars and deserving artists from every musical genre. One of these artists is Jobaa, who is well on his way to securing the top spot on everyone’s afro-pop playlist.

The up-close-and-personal performance video finds the charismatic newcomer performing LIVE in a cozy environment with two talented musicians playing the guitar and keyboard. Also, the video finds Jobaa singing about a very special woman in his life. Check out the appealing music video for Jobaa’s debut single to further understand why we chose him to be a part of our Bong At Home video series.

Jobaa – “Olla” music video

Jobaa’s stage name originated from his first name and the first letter of his last name. The artist-to-watch has made some exceptional progress, climbing up the ranks in the flourishing afrobeat market. So far, Jobaa’s “Olla” single has accumulated over 300,000 streams online, securing a #20 spot on the Nigerian iTunes chart. Also, the song has landed on various playlists including YouTube Music’s ‘Afrobeats Now’, Deezer ‘New Nigeria’, Spotify’s ‘Afro Hits’; and four playlists on Apple Music (‘New Music Daily’, ‘Future Hits’, ‘Pop Chill’, and ‘Afrobeats Workout’). Not too long ago, Jobaa inked a lucrative deal with JustJoJo Entertainment Ltd (a U.K.-based entertainment juggernaut and record label). Currently, Jobaa is working on his debut EP, scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2021.

“Olla” single

We recommend adding Jobaa’s “Olla” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel in the comment section below.

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